Client: Coombes Property Group

Project Goals:

Provided owner’s engineering and technical due diligence services at Gateway Shopping Centre throughout the project lifecycle. 

CTP Scope:
  • Owner’s Engineering Services 
  • Feasibility Studies 
  • Solar PV & Load Profile Analysis 
  • Class 4 Grid Application with NT PowerWater Corp (NTPWC)
  • Cloud Camera and Inverter Ramping Due Diligence 
  • Reviewing / Signing Off Contractors Design, Equipment, Commissioning Plans, Certification, O&M Documentation
  • May 2019 – Feb 2021
Project Challenges:
  • Negotiating NTPWC grid approval requirements during transition period to the new Generator Performance Standards (GPS)
  • Preventing excessive power curtailment and battery expense due to NTPWC inverter ramp requirements and high cloud cover during wet season
  • Due diligence on required cyclone rating of non-penetrative rooftop array fixings
  • Construction delays due to COVID and wet season
Project Results:
  • NTPWC negotiation led to inverter ramping being achieved solely via cloud camera equipment, minimising power curtailment and removing the need to install an additional costly battery (BESS) 
  • Supervision and guidance (in the face of COVID and wet season delays) resulted in the successful completion of the solar system to regulatory standards and site owner specification and quality requirements.