Client: Confidential

Project Goals:
  • CTP to act as the EPC Commissioning Manager, including management of internal resources, as well as client and external stakeholder liaison.
  • Support all phases of commissioning (PCU & DC circuits energisation, review test reports, Hold Point Testing etc) and coordinate with multiple different parties including NSP, owner, key subcontractors and AEMO.
CTP Scope:
  • Commissioning Manager
  • System Commissioning: Oct 20 – May 2021
Project Challenges:
  • Tight timeframes to review and approve the Tests, check for any issues in the test reports and identify any project risks.
  • Very tight deadlines for Hold Point (HP) testing and plant completion dates.
  • Plant still under construction when HP tests began. This required very good management and planning to ensure that required number of Inverters are commissioned and available for HP tests.
  • Because of tight deadlines the HP testing had to be as smooth as possible to ensure minimum re-work. Check sheets and Risk mitigation measures were implemented to ensure this.
Project Results:
  • First energisation successfully achieved on schedule Dec 2020
  • All the HP testing completed and reports approved in May 2021