Client: Royal Park Tennis Club

CTP Scope:

Feasibility study, Tender Documents, Construction & Commissioning Oversight

  • Preliminary Phase: June 2018
  • Design Phase: July 2018
  • Construction Phase: August 2018
  • System Commissioning: September 2018
Project Goals:
  • Pro-bono work by CTP, giving back to the local community.

  • Expert designs for a solar + battery system for the club house building.

  • Achieving the best value for money result for the club and its members!

Project Challenges:

The club house building is heritage listed, which meant that structural drawings had to be assessed and the solar system designed around the no-go zones.

The club has a spiky load profile due to floodlights at night and recently upgraded to LEDs, which required detailed financial modeling to come up with the business case.

Project Results:
  • A system that meets the club’s daytime loads most of the time and saves excess energy in the DC-coupled battery system. Cuts the club’s power bills in half, with a single-digit year payback period. Great for the club’s green branding as both panels and the battery system are highly visible for the players when enjoying a hit on the courts.
Yannick Zapf – CTP Head of Commercial & Industrial (right), Adam Bandt – Member of the Australian Parliament (middle) and Caryle Demarte – Club President (left).