Client: Kelsey Creek Consortium

CTP Scope:
  • Overall Engineering Services
  • ARENA Bid Submission Management
  • Project Kick-Off: 09/2015

  • Construction Phase & Energisation: Anticipated for 2017

Project Goal:

Development of a 60 MWp solar farm in Northern Queensland, producing enough electricity to provide more than 20,000 average Australian households with sustainably produced electricity.

Project Challenges:
  • ARENA Timelines

  • Technical Hurdles

Project Results:
  • The initial success story of being shortlisted as one of 22 projects by ARENA at EOI stage gave the start signal for project development at high pace. KCSFC and CTP raced from milestone achievement to milestone achievement. Overall System Design, Detailed Engineering Response (with DNSP Ergon), Land Lease Contract and Development Approval were successfully completed in less than 6 months;

  • KCSFC finally got an internationally renowned investor and EPC contractor on board for the project who will take Kelsey Creek Solar Farm further to construction and energisation;

  • Up to date the largest solar farm in Queensland and the third largest in Australia.


KCSF Consortium (Managing Directors)

“Flexible and approachable Clean Technology Partners were able to deliver a very broad range of services for this project. A true one stop shop that made a very daunting technical process very straightforward. CTP were transparent, informative and forever professional with us. They were essential in making our dream become a reality.“