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Important notice: On 12 September 2022, DNV acquired Clean Technology Partners. Our services will continue without any disruption. All projects and enquiries will be handled through DNV.

Important notice: On 12 September 2022, DNV acquired Clean Technology Partners. Our services will continue without any disruption. All projects and enquiries will be handled through DNV.

About CTP

CTP is a well established renewable energy consulting and project management company. Established in 2011, we have experience in over 3GW of Australian renewable projects and 150MWh of energy storage projects. We have successfully completed over 1,500 major projects across all of Australia.

We work on everything from mid sized commercial PV to multi-megawatt solar / wind farms. Our work spans across the entire project lifecycle: from upfront feasibility studies through to system commissioning and operational troubleshooting.

Our clients include EPC, Investors, Developers, Retailers, Councils, Shopping Centers, Factories, Building Management Companies, Schools and Universities.

We provide a range of electrical, mechanical, structural and engineering design services to get your project completed and connected - saving you time and reducing your workload.





Our Values

We aspire to lasting relationships with our clients and suppliers. We aim to achieve positive  environmental, financial,  practical and safe outcomes.

We Value People
Our people are the bedrock of our success. We believe in a work environment that listens and supports. We invest in a professional, capable and ethical team.

We stand by what we do. We communicate directly. We walk the talk.

Technical Excellence
We are experts in our field. We continually expand and apply our knowledge.

Going the Extra Mile
We look for new opportunities to apply our expertise. We are critically focussed on good outcomes for our clients, our industry and our team.

One-stop solution for renewable projects!

Our engineering services have continued to extend over time and now cover the whole project lifecycle from beginning to end:

Our History


Large Scale Battery Project – ACT

BESS Retrofit Upgrade – 10 Commercial Solar PV Sites

SA Solar Farm – 6MWp

Food Processing Site in VIC – 3.45MW Solar + 2 X existing 3MVA Co-gen units

Large Scale VIC Solar Farm – >140MW

e-Cube – Over 120MW Connections


EPC Commissioning Manager for a Solar Farm in VIC – >140MW

Munna Creek Solar Farm – 150MW

Gateway Shopping Centre – 1.1MW

Christies Beach Solar Farm – 3.5MW

Barton Heat Engine – 90kW


Power Systems & Grid Application for various solar and wind farms for a single client – over 60MW

Lord Howe Island Microgrid (Large scale PV, BESS & Diesel Microgrid with >67% renewable energy fraction)

Melbourne Airport – 12MW

Robinvale Solar Farm – 7.5MW

Freedom Foods Group – 3.8MW

Robert Bosch (Australia) – 1MW

Australia Post, Redbank, QLD – 1MW PV / 3960 kVA Generators


Microgrid for University of Adelaide – 1.2MW PV, 1.5 MWh Battery Energy Storage System

NSW Solar Farm (Power Systems) – 90MW

GPT – Solar, Battery and Demand Response Feasibility – over 30 sites

Dareton Solar Fam – First e-Cube project

Brigalow Solar Farm -34.5MW

Pirie Solar Farm – 5MW


Visy Gepps Cross – 1.92MW

Rowville Solar Farm – 1.1MW

Peterborough Solar Farm – 5.6MW

Monash University – 2MW

City of Casey Battery Feasibility – 4MW

Cannington Minesite Solar Deployment – 3MW

Baking Board Solar Farm – 19.9MW


Timboon & Ferguson Wind Farm 18MW

Grant from VIC Govt. for development of e-Cube

Dunblane Solar Farm 10.9MW

Natures Organics 1.2MW

Sunshine Plaza 1.044 MW

Australian Lamb Colac 1.2MW


Churchill Abattoir 900kWp Behind the Meter PPA

Williamsdale Solar Farm 11.1MW Ground Mount

Kelsey Creek Solar Farm 60.5 MWp Ground Mount

Vawdrey Trucks 750kWp Roof Mount

Mt Majura 2.3MW Ground Mount


Combabula Workers Camp 134kW Diesel Microgrid

Casuarina Square Shopping Centre 1.25 MW Roof Mount

Kings Canyon Resort Diesel + PV Hybrid

CEC FPDI Project Report IES Connection Standardisation

St Kilda Town Hall 173kWp Roof Mount


Swan Hill 14.4MW Ground Mount

Raygen 200kW CPV

Mazeond College 270kW Roof Mount PV

L’Oreal Distribution Centre 300 kWp Roof Mount PV



Rouse Hill Town Centre 350 kWp Roof Mount PV

CTIP Projects (7 Sites) 1.7 MW

Mildura Solar Park #1 3.5 MW Ground Mount

Cook Islands Hybrid PV Pre-Feasibility 4.65 MW


One Sun Capital Solar Farm 11.1 MW Ground Mount

Ikea Feasibility 3.9 MW Rooftop

Hervey Bay 267kW Rooftop PV


Solar System 1.5MW CPV

Our Clients

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements!

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements!