Client: Confidential

Project Goals:
  • CTP assisted a well-known client to develop their regulatory plan for a large-scale battery project in the ACT.
  • The regulatory plan is a requirement for utility projects in the ACT under the Utilities Technical Regulation (UTR) Act 2014.
CTP Scope:
  • Drafting of all documentation as required by the ACT legislation to assist the proponent in obtaining their Design & Construct Certificate for the project.
  • The content of the compliant regulatory plan prepared by CTP includes:
    – Project overview including facility working principal, regulatory settings, project phases and stakeholder / corporate structures
    – Contractor management
    – Project risk management
    – Project governance and safety
    – Asset management plans and external certifications
    – Independent and building certifier scope
    – Design & construct process integrity
    – Testing and commissioning
    – Bushfire and environmental management
  • Sept – Oct 2021
Project Results:
  • With prior experience in navigating this specific ACT certification process, CTP were able to confidently and efficiently support the approval process for this milestone battery project.