Client: Sunshift

CTP Scope:

Detailed Electrical and Control System Design

  • Design Phase: Jan 2018 – June 2018
  • Construction Phase: June 2018- Oct 2018
  • System Commissioning: Oct 2018 – Dec 2018
Project Goals:

To deliver the detailed electrical and control system design to Sunshift for their landmark deployment of the world’s largest modular and movable solar farm at South32’s Cannington Mine.

Project Challenges:
  • Identification of suitable performance standards for Inverter Energy Systems within a GPS for a diesel / gas microgrid. Pre-existing materials did not exist and CTP had to chart a new course as the engineers for the existing power station did not have a strong background in IES and intermittent generation resources.

  • Integration of control system of a solar farm (which is largely automated and unmanned) into human operator controlled traditional generator control environment. This also required additional administrative controls not normally required for in a solar farm only context.

  • Working with certain unique engineering “norms” within a mining context

  • Translating solar micro-grid PPA conditions into technical solutions – e.g. how to initiate curtailment of the solar farm

Project Results:
  • This deployment “hybridised” EDL’s existing fossil fuel generation plant at the offgrid minesite
  • The second largest such PV install in Australia and the first at an existing gas-fired generator