Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar PV is where we first started and where we built our reputation for providing innovative solutions, and delivering them quickly. We have helped to connect roof mount projects up to 2 MW.

Regardless of where you are in your commercial solar project - CTP can help.

Commercial Projects

We can provide you outstanding results in the following aspects of your commercial solar project:

Grid Connection

We guide you through the labyrinth of different technical and regulatory requirements. And get you from enquiry to approval quickly.

Technical Advisory

We have a broad range of technical advisory services on offer for your project, regardless of what stage the project is in.

Grid Protection

A turn key solution for commercial solar PV systems. The grid protection switchboard provides a “plug and play” grid connection solution.

What Our Customers Say

“Clean Technology Partners took our initial project concept and found additional capacity on the site which was a tremendous bonus. They have worked well with our unique model that combines renewable energy production, regenerative agriculture and ecologically friendly design. Volt Farmer has been impressed at Clean Technology Partners’ ability to work with us in a way that optimized the outcome for the site as well as our DNSP United Energy.”

Stephen Todd, Project Developer, Volt Farmer

“Lachlan, Matt and the CTP Team are certainly experts in the renewable energy and power systems space. It is always reassuring when we are involved in a project with CTP.”

Martin Gamble, Director & CEO - Gamcorp

“Working with CTP was very efficient and effortless. They kept us updated on key milestones and enabled the project to obtain Development Approval and Grid Connection seamlessly and with the highest quality making sure the costs are as cost-effective as possible.  We are very pleased with the outcome.”

Nir Dekel, Vice President - Sales & Operations Belectric

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements!

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements!