Grid Connection & Grid Protection

Grid Connection

Our expertise in grid connection means that we can guide you through the labyrinth of different technical and regulatory requirements. We have successfully negotiated connections processes and received connection approval from all 16 DNSPs in Australia.

Grid Protection

The grid protection switchboard is a turnkey grid protection solution. It is manufactured and pre-programmed to meet the specific requirements of each of Australia’s DNSPs.

Bringing Together

In July 2020, Clean Technology Partners Grid Box and BCJ Controls announced the merger of their business operations. The merged business will operate as Clean Technology Controls.

By bringing together BCJ’s production and testing and CTP’s engineering capabilities, Clean Technology Controls is able to support the solar industry with our unparalleled experience and trusted, reliable, industry-leading solutions.

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Clean Tech Controls Services

Grid Connection

Engineering support and design to meet the requirements of DNSPs and get the Grid Connection Application approved

Grid Protection

Solar Grid Protection Units to connect over 30kW to the grid


Injection Testing and Power Quality Analysis to commission the system once it has been installed