PRESS RELEASE: February 18,  2021

Clean Technology Partners is celebrating its 10th birthday!

This year marks 10 years since the inception of what is now a thriving engineering and project management consultancy to the Australian renewable energy sector.

Over the last decade Clean Technology Partners (CTP) has grown to 30 staff and has become a specialist in utility scale solar and wind, hybrid energy systems and complex behind the meter distributed energy resource (DER) projects. CTP has contributed to over 2.5GW of renewable energy projects, 150 MWh of energy storage systems and has successfully completed over 1,500 projects across Australia.

During this time the industry has experienced an incredible pace of change – both in scale and costs. An early project for CTP in 2012 was a 250kW rooftop solar PV system – one of the largest such projects in the country at the time, built for a competitive price (at the time) of $4/Watt. Now, wind and solar projects are being commissioned at an expected average rate of >500MW / month over the coming 2 years with the most competitive install rates at or below $1/Watt.

Some of CTP’s highlights include supporting Impact Investment Group with their entire portfolio of solar projects including the 34.5MW Brigalow solar farm and being awarded government funding in 2017 to develop our e-Cube product which now connects over 50MW of small-scale utility solar farms across Victoria and NSW. There are even larger and more ambitious projects currently underway that will only further add to the company’s long list of milestones.

Separate to the technical and project successes, CTP is extremely proud to have attained B-Corp certification in 2019 and be amongst a growing community of sustainability-centred businesses all over the globe focussed on a ‘triple bottom line’.

CTP founding director Lachlan Bateman and COO Matthew Forwood share their thoughts on the company’s 10 year journey so far:

Lachlan Bateman, founder of CTP said “They say a lot can happen in a day in the renewables industry… well it’s been…10 years! Our business is growing in terms of the size of projects and services we offer. We are proud and grateful to have served the renewable energy industry for a decade now. In the last year we have also successfully established through industry partnership our sister company Clean Technology Controls, with a tailored offer for the C&I DER market.”

Matthew Forwood, Chief Operating Officer, joined CTP in early 2020. “It was a challenging year but with the support of a dedicated team, we finished a number of exciting projects including Melbourne Airport, a large microgrid project, and owners engineering for a utility scale project in Queensland.” Matthew said. “Our power systems and grid modelling team is going from strength to strength. We are also acting as the commissioning manager of a 140MW+ project  in VIC. That’s new for us and it is going very well. We hope to keep expanding our services and working on projects with new technology. We are optimistic about the renewable energy market.”

CTP would like to say a big thank you to all our clients, partners and staff who have worked with us over the last 10 years. Ours is a story of collaboration and a dedicated team of talented people. It is through this community that our vision of accelerating Australia’s transition to a cleaner and more intelligent electricity system is made possible.