Hybrid Energy Systems

CTP has a dedicated Hybrid team specialised in providing solutions for Hybrid Energy Projects. Our clients include developers, property owners, councils, mine sites, island resorts, manufacturers and universities. As of mid 2020, CTP has been a key technical partner in the deployment of over 10MWp of hybrid PV projects, which incorporate over 6.5MWh of energy storage and integration with numerous spinning generator systems.

Off-Grid – Microgrids
Off-Grid hybrid systems run independent to an external grid and form an isolated electrical network. Generation and consumption of the electricity is managed in order to maximise reliability and financial outcomes.
On-Grid – Dispatchable Power

On-Grid hybrid systems are grid connected and exchange energy with the wider electrical network. Embedding hybrid energy systems and controls allows access to new revenue streams such as demand response and energy arbitrage; lowering energy costs.

With the appropriate controls and equipment, On-Grid hybrid systems can be ‘islanded’ and can run independent from the grid.

Why Install a Hybrid Energy System?

Off-Grid Grid Connected Off-Grid + Grid Connected
Participate in demand response
Reduce peak demand charges
Reduce diesel consumption
Energy arbitrage (Retail/wholesale)
Network Services
Backup power supply
Improve power quality
  Reduce CO2
Meet renewable/sustainable targets
Reduce diesel consumption
Marketing purposes

Hybrid Energy Products

Feasibility Studies & Approvals

Off-Grid: CTP has completed numerous assessments of hybrid PV, battery and spinning generator microgrid involving detailed modelling of energy flows, system operation and storage to determine the economic benefits of offsetting fossil fuel consumption with a combination of batteries and Solar PV. The ideal sizes and integration of the Solar PV and battery storage options can be assessed based on technical, environmental and financial limitations.

On-Grid: CTP has completed numerous hybrid energy studies in grid-connected scenarios to determine optimised capacities and costs for various combinations of PV, batteries, spinning generators and control systems. Studies involve analysis of tariffs, load & generation profiles, islanding & back-up power, network augmentation offset and interaction with demand response & ancillary service markets to determine ideal sizing and required equipment to achieve an innovative and practical solution. For on-grid hybrid energy systems, CTP will manage the complete grid connection processes with in-house expertise and software, having completed grid connection studies for a range of generating technologies up to 100MW in capacity.

Modelling: CTP has in-house microgrid modelling capability which is done with HOMER/HOMER Grid (microgrid simulation software) PVSyst (industry standard PV generation modelling software) and DIgSILENT PowerFactory (leading power system stability software). Where grid connection studies are required, CTP utilises in house software and engineers appropriate to the size of the plant and connection location, including:

  • PSS/E
  • PSS/Sincal
  • DIgSILENT PowerFactory

Concept Design & Specifications

In order to progress a Hybrid Energy project the logical next step for many clients is to define the requirements in a concept design and set of specifications in order to seek quotes from the market / suppliers. CTP is experienced in preparing front end designs and specifications that realistically connect client requirements and the capabilities of what is a relatively new industry. CTP works closely with many of the leading vendors, has the delivery experience and depth of technical knowledge to be able to quickly direct a hybrid project towards a viable concept, avoiding too many iterations or rabbit holes.

Detailed Design

CTP will design the optimal solution for your hybrid energy project, which will reflect the specific aim of the project. Potential alterations of existing HV and LV electrical infrastructure as well as the integration of new equipment are designed in-house by the experienced CTP team. Civil and Structural detailed designs can be bundled for a true “turn-key” engineering solution.

Hybrid Energy Projects

CTP has successfully supported clients through numerous hybrid energy projects, click/hover over map marker to read more about projects:

What Our Customers Say

“Clean Technology Partners took our initial project concept and found additional capacity on the site which was a tremendous bonus. They have worked well with our unique model that combines renewable energy production, regenerative agriculture and ecologically friendly design. Volt Farmer has been impressed at Clean Technology Partners’ ability to work with us in a way that optimized the outcome for the site as well as our DNSP United Energy.”

Stephen Todd, Project Developer, Volt Farmer

“Lachlan, Matt and the CTP Team are certainly experts in the renewable energy and power systems space. It is always reassuring when we are involved in a project with CTP.”

Martin Gamble, Director & CEO - Gamcorp

“Working with CTP was very efficient and effortless. They kept us updated on key milestones and enabled the project to obtain Development Approval and Grid Connection seamlessly and with the highest quality making sure the costs are as cost-effective as possible.  We are very pleased with the outcome.”

Nir Dekel, Vice President - Sales & Operations Belectric

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements!

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements!