Demand Response

Demand Response

Participate in DEMAND RESPONSE and receive FINANCIAL INCENTIVES to reduce load on the grid.

Demand response is a simple solution to address a complex issue, but as anyone who's investigated it further - actually can be quite challenging to practically and seamlessly integrate into your organisation. You will need clear onsite procedures and contracts for payment - often with the additional requirements of network connection approvals and modifications to existing infrastructure. Not to mention an accurate cost benefit analysis and reliable partners to take you through the process.

With the sophistication and practical experience to provide you with an end-to-end solution, Clean Technology Partners can help you seamlessly unlock the value of your back up generator.

Get Paid To Power Up Your Backup Generator

Customer transitions load onto on-site backup generator on request from retailer, reducing consumption from the grid for the requested period.

Typically during a heatwave in the summer afternoon.

Get paid whilst contributing to the reliability of Australia's electricity network.


Clean Technology Partners can provide a solution package for our clients. The end to end solution includes:

  • Feasibility study (cost-benefit analysis)
  • Network Connection Application for generator operating in parallel with the grid
  • Run Operational Test
  • Detailed design, onsite modifications to existing infrastructure
  • Integration of your generator to maximise benefit and a contract for demand response payments based on your site and generator characteristics*


To give you a better idea of what to expect, here are some details of a site that is participating in the 2019/20 summer.

Site Location and Type: Rural pumping site in south east Victoria

Existing Generator: 760kVA diesel generator for back up supply

New Generator Configuration: Parallel operation with export limit

Cost (case study example)

Feasibility and Network Connection Application (including Network Fees): $12,620
Detailed Design and Site Works: $83,580
Total: $96,200
Annual DR Income: $50,000
Simple Payback: 1.9 years


We are seeking suitable sites to join the growing list of participants benefiting from demand response. Especially f you fit the following criteria, where we are seeing optimal benefit. This doesn’t preclude you from getting in touch if you don’t meet the criteria – the need for demand response is only growing!

Location: Regional Victoria (Ausnet or Powercor distribution territories)
Generator Size: 500kVA – 1500kVA

If you would like to find out more, please provide the following information and email to

  • Site Address
  • What is the nature of the site – e.g. farm, industrial, pumping etc.
  • Existing generator capacity, make & model, including details of fuel tank.
  • Who is your electricity retailer and what is the site’s NMI? (please provide a copy of a recent bill if possible)
  • Any existing or planned other onsite generation – e.g. solar PV?
  • Are you interested in investigation load curtailment in return for DR payment at this site?
  • If your organisation has multiple sites, please provide details of all sites you would like us to investigate.

*Participation in demand response program is dependant upon retail electricity arrangements and site characteristics.

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements!

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements!