Client: Confidential

Project Goals:
  • In 2021, CTP were engaged as a commissioning manager for a large scale solar farm in Victoria, with responsibility for supervising commissioning of the plant and progression through R2 testing.
  • Since completing the final commissioning stage in May 2021, we conducted a 6 month performance ratio test for the power plant.
CTP Scope:
  • CTP were responsible for downloading, processing and analysing the solar farm’s vast array of meters and sensors. This data was then used to predict the expected performance based on the recorded weather information and compare this to the actual observed performance of the plant.
  • Included in our scope was the identification and root cause analysis of any underperformance in these initial months in order to guide rectification works.
  • Dec 2021
Project Results:
  • The plant has now successfully passed its final acceptance performance test and is now ready to enter what we expect to be a long and productive operational life.
  • The annual production of this plant provides the equivalent energy use of 40,000 households.