Client: Solar Aid

CTP Scope:

Concept Design, Innovative Design, Tender Design

  • Development commenced: February 2009

  • Product roll-out: August 2009

  • Product improvement commenced: February 2010

  • Improved product roll-out: August 2010

Project Goal:
  • The goal of the project in the first year was to design and build an innovative solar powered mobile phone charging system that could be taken to festivals and used to fundraise – by taking donations to charge people’s mobile phones.
  • An improved version of the charging system was rolled out in the following year, that was fully capable of charging smart phones (e.g. i-phone, blackberry) and that was more user-friendly.
Project Results:
  • The most successful aspect of the phone charging system was the conceptualisation and construction of the ‘solar rollers’ – compact, fully portable, self-contained solar power charging systems for mobile phones. This was in response to discussions with the SolarAid fundraising team and achieved the original aim of charging festival goers phones, but as the units could be wheeled around the festival additionally took SolarAid’s message and engaged the public directly.

  • The charging system has, so far, raised in excess of  £10,000 and counting. The money has been used to fund development programs and community solar installations in Africa.

  • The project was recognized with the best business and charity partnership award at the 2009 UK National Fundraising Awards.