Hybrid Team Leader

Hybrid Team Leader

BEng(Hons), MEng (Current)

William has been working across multiple engineering disciplines since 2009. After starting his professional career in Germany for Audi as a strength testing engineer, he eventually moved to the energy sector in 2013 to pursue the emerging renewable energy industry.

As an experienced project manager and engineer he has worked with a wide range energy stakeholders, from NSPs to investors, to identify and deliver complex energy solutions. Being technically skilled in distributed energy resources and demand management allows him to solve energy problems holistically. Combining this with a deep understanding of the commercial drivers of energy projects ensures he is always focussed on meeting a project’s key objective.

His daily interactions with energy customers over the past six years has taught him how to communicate clearly and effectively with varying audiences.

He has established project management skills through hands on experience with complex early adopter energy projects, resulting in an agile and proactive approach to delivery.

For the past two years he has primarily project managed the design of grid connected and off-grid microgrid projects from concept to commissioning as both owner’s engineer and design consultant.

He is presently completing a research project in battery sizing optimisation for utility solar and wind farms to improve dispatch performance for an a Master of Engineering.