Client: AEES Group

Project Goals:
  • To prepare “for construction” designs for a 3.8 MW solar installation with a Tesla  500kW/1232kWh Battery Energy Storage System, one of the largest rooftop solar installations in Australia, comprising of 9,944 PV modules.
CTP Scope:
  • Detailed Design
  • Design Phase: 05/19-11/19
Project Challenges:
  • Large roof with limitation on structural loadings
  • Large building structures causing significant shading of the rooftop were assessed and avoided to optimise system performance and generation
  • Minimising cable runs and enabling the installer to have clear plans to work off
Project Results:
  • The plant was energized in February 2020 and will generate 5.36 GWh annually, offsetting 5,470 metric tonnes of CO2 each year.