Client: Confidential

Project Goals:
  • To obtain connection agreement for the 80MW+ solar farm with Essential Energy and the AEMO 5.3.4.A registration letter through power system modelling, engineering design and project management services.
CTP Scope:
  • Concept Design
  • Power System Modelling
  • Connection Application
Completion Date:
  • Apr 2020
Project Challenges:
  • Project is located near the AEMO West Murray region, where network oscillation issues have required careful modelling and thorough due diligence by the DNSP and AEMO.
  • The high volume of generators in the area required CTP to work closely with the inverter OEM to tune the system’s performance and reach an optimal solution without costly system strength remediation becoming a requirement.
Project Results:
  • Completed various updates to power system modelling to incorporate special protection schemes and produced connection application package compliant with the new AEMO requirements outlined under S5.2 of the NER.
  • AEMO accepted the performance standards and issued the 5.3.4A letter. The solar farm is now officially a committed project (5.3.7g has been acknowledged by AEMO).