Client: BayWa R.E. Renewable Energy

CTP Scope:
  • Preliminary Engineering Design

  • Network Modeling

  • Grid Application.

  • Preliminary Phase: 01/2017 – 04/2017
  • Modelling Phase: 05/2017 – 09/2017
  • Construction Phase: TBC
  • System Commissioning:  TBC
Project Goals:
  • To liaise with Future Energy (now BayWa Wind Pty Ltd), Powercor, Vestas and obtain a grid connection for the Ferguson Wind Farm.
  • To maximise the Wind Farm capacity (MW) whilst minimising any 22kV network augmentation/alteration costs.
  • To provide all power system modelling to Powercor’s requirements.
Project Challenges:

Achieving 10.8MW on a single 22kV feeder is very challenging from a technical perspective. CTP worked with Powercor to develop a solution that involved re-configuration of the network to maximise wind farm capacity.

Project Results:
  • CTP worked through a whole raft of technical obstacles and provided modelling results that were accepted by Powercor in September 2017.
  • Further detailed design of the wind farm is currently being conducted.