Client: Monash University

CTP Scope:

Concept Design, Tender Design and Specification, Tender Response Evaluation, Technical Due Diligence, Final Inspection

  • Design Phase: 10-11/2016
  • Construction Phase: 12/2016-01/2017
  • System Commissioning: 01/2017
Project Goal:

Offset Monash University’s electricity consumption with solar PV. This project was used as a trial for the large-scale solar PV roll-out that Monash is looking at later in 2017.

Part of the PV System provides DC power to a laboratory run by the Electrical Engineering department. The DC power is used for experimental purposes by the University.

Project Challenges:
  • Challenging roof profile – unknown specification;

  • Part of the roof was covered in asbestos material;

  • Integration into existing University monitoring system.

Project Results:
  • Monash University’s largest solar PV system up to date;

  • Value-for-money outcome for the University;

  • DC power for the Electrical Engineering lab.