Client: Enervest

CTP Scope:

Design, Grid Application and Grid Box

  • Design Phase – May 14 – Oct 14
  • Construction Phase – Nov 14 – Feb 15
Project Goal:
  • Electrical and mechanical design of the roof mounted PV systems
  • Grid Application and Grid Box
Project Challenges:
  • Technical challenges

  • System mounted on different buildings connected to different switchboards

Project Results:

Working with structural engineers, CTP design positioned the PV modules considering electrical, physical and structural constraints. Once the layout of the modules was refined, CTP completed the electrical design and provided construction issue drawings of the electrical connections, framework and physical layout.


Ross Warby, Managing Director Enervest

“Having a streamlined process and expertly executed support is imperative, particularly for large commercial projects. Clean Technology Partners made what could have been a very slow and difficult process, very easy, manageable and above all successful “