Client: Belectric

CTP Scope:

Review of Design, Grid Protection, Compliance Assessment

  • Design Phase – Jan 2013 – July 2013

  • Construction Phase – Oct 2013 – Feb 2014

Project Goal:

To review the Belectric standard PV design template for ground mount installations and adapt to ensure compliance with Australian Standards and conditions as well as the local DNSP’s requirements.

Project Challenges:

The site is over 20km from the nearest substation. Voltage issues on the network initially limited the system size to 2.5MW. Through a detailed Network Technical Study, CTP designed a power factor control strategy that facilitated an additional 1MW of capacity.

Project Results:
  • Successfully adapted the system to comply with relevant Australian standards. Australia is one of the first countries in the world to implement a specific engineering standard that deals with DC side of a PV system (AS5033).
  • Determined grid protection and SCADA requirements of Powercor, the local DNSP, in order to design the grid-connection station. This required the development of a PSS Sincal network simulation model to determine thermal capacity, voltage and power factor impacts on the local electricity grid.
  • CTP oversaw the construction and installation of the grid-connection station (see Utility PV Solutions for further details). This was successfully commissioned allowing the safe operation of the PV generation in parallel with the grid.
  • System cost was analysed alongside risk, efficiency and a detailed supplier and product evaluation against shortlisted options in order to finalise the system design and specification.
  • The system was the largest sized PV plant connected to the Powercor network at the time of commissioning.

Nir Bekel, CEO Belectric Australia

“Having a streamlined process and expertly executed support is imperative, particularly for large commercial projects. Clean Technology Partners made what could have been a very slow and difficult process, very easy, manageable and above all successful “